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Each year, WCMA solicits help from its membership and key industry personnel both regionally and nationally to act as qualified jurors.

WCMA Jurors Needed

Want to become a juror?

Music industry professionals are eligible to become WCMA jurors if:

They have a minimum of 5 years of music industry experience, and have been active in the industry within the last 2 years

Jurors must have confidence in their ability to make an objective assessment of a project based on the assessment tracks and documents provided. We believe that peer evaluation ensures a fair and transparent process and promotes equal representation throughout the industry.

The Western Canadian Music Awards values diversity, equity and inclusion and welcomes and invites jury members from diverse backgrounds to apply.  Each year, WCMA solicits help from its membership and key industry persons regionally and nationally to act as qualified jurors. 

Jury members are volunteering members of the music industry who are experts within their field and genre and represent the industry at large. Their knowledge and ability to interpret the current music landscape regionally and nationally, and the cultures within these landscapes, makes them best qualified to help WCMA select the Western Canadian Music Awards. 

If you are interested in becoming a juror, or know someone who would be a great addition to the jury, please click here to fill out the 2022 Juror Application form. Any questions about the jury process, please contact Johnny Marlow or 204-943-8485

Dates for 2022

January 3 - Jury site open

March 29 - Jury assignments complete

April 1 - Jury site closed

April 27 - First round of voting begins

May 5 - First round of voting ends

May 17 - Second round of voting begins

May 31 - Second round of voting ends

Become an WCMA Juror

Each year, the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA) solicits help from its membership and key industry persons on a regional and national level to build its roster of qualified musicians and industry professionals to act as jurors. Our jurors may be asked to review submissions for our various awards categories. This is a volunteer position. 

Jurors are selected annually based on applicable expertise and experience, and are from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The jury process takes place in spring. Once you receive your jury package, you will have approximately two weeks to jury the submissions in the category(s) assigned to you. There are two rounds of jurying, one to select the short list of nominees, April 27 - May 5, 2022 and one to select your final choice, May 17 - May 31, 2022. For most categories the winner will be decided by weighted vote results of jurors and membership vote.


Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest

Due to its sensitive nature, all jury processes are completely confidential. The WCMA ensures there will be no conflict of interest by jurors and provides a screening process.


Privacy Disclaimer

All information provided will be used solely for internal administration purposes and will not be released to third parties. By submitting your information, you are giving WCMA permission to contact you by email, phone or mail for upcoming juries and juror-related events. 

What is your predominant role in the music industry? *
Jurors who appear to be, connected to any artist, group, individual or company that is to be considered for an award, they should be disqualified as a juror from that category for the year in question (e.g: manager, agent, producer, session musician, relative, spouse or partner, etc.). WCMA considers a conflict to be persons or businesses in which you may share personal or financial interest and who/that may benefit as a direct result of WCMA activities (i.e.: manager, agent, producer, session musician, relative, spouse or partner, etc.).
The Western Canadian Music Alliance is self-auditing the equity and inclusion practices of our organisation, board, staff and events. Part of this includes engaging in an internal equity audit. To do this we are collecting self-identifying information from various stakeholders, jury members included. We ask you to please answer these optional questions. This information is for reporting purposes only and no personal data will be disclosed.
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Are you Indigenous, Black, Racialized or a Person of Colour?
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Categories of Interest
Please check the WCMA award categories you are qualified for and interested in based on your experience noted above: (Check only those in which you would consider jurying).
Industry Awards
Music Awards
Terms: By submitting this application form I understand that the jury process is confidential and agree to keep all information private. WCMA reserves the right to decline accreditation of any individual at its sole discretion. Completion of this form does not guarantee that you will be contacted to participate. I understand that if am selected, once a category is assigned, I will be able to view a list of artists who submitted to my assigned category. After reviewing the names if I notice a conflict of interest not previously provided by myself in this form I must declare this conflict with WCMA, and WCMA will reissue a new category to jury if needed.
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