About the Conference

The 4-day conference allows western Canadian artists and industry access to high-level music industry professionals. The conference incorporates more hands-on, interactive, and one-on-one experiences. Additional programming is designed to increase collaboration, giving artists and music entrepreneurs added opportunities to meet and connect with industry and peers.

International Industry

The International Trade Program is a big part of BreakOut West. It acts as a vehicle to increase an industry-wide export relationship between other worldwide organizations, including delegates, with targeted skill sets from Europe, UK, Australia, US, Iceland, and other markets. International delegates will include indie label reps, distributors, music festival directors, promoters, publicists, agents, music publishers, and media, who have interest and capacity to work with western Canadian artists

Conference Sessions

Conference events will be augmented to provide hands-on, concrete knowledge of the topics and increase the potential of practical takeaways. One example of this is the ‘Online Asset Reviews’. Participants will have a chance to see what the visiting industry sees – in real time – when they go searching for information about the artist/band. Three rooms, three screens, and three audio systems will present the artists in the best possible light, or not, depending on online presence - all the while offering all an insider look at A&R in today’s music industry.


BreakOut West 2020 Conference 

The BreakOut West Conference brings industry professionals from Canadian markets, and from around the world, to meet and network with western Canadian artists and industry, creating meaningful business relationships and raising the level of artist’s knowledge of what they need to accomplish to move their careers forward. Providing streams of sessions for emerging and more established artists, the conference will meet the artists where they are and excel them to the next level of their career.

The hands-on education gained in the conference will foster an environment of business savvy and creatively independent musicians and business professionals. From engaging in meaningful conversations, to knowledge of current opportunities and issues in the industry today, the conference will offer both training for all delegates involved. These opportunities will help to inspire creative certainty and trigger new business in relationships between artists and industry together.