2020 Western Canadian Music Awards Artistic Nominees

Blues Artist of the Year

Big Dave McLean - MB WINNER!

Harpdog Brown - BC

Kat Danser & The Tall Tales - AB

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne - BC

Wide Mouth Mason - BC


BreakOut Artist of the Year (sponsored by CBC Manitoba)

Alexandria Maillot - BC

Ariel Posen - MB

Begonia - MB WINNER!

The Funk Hunters - BC

The Small Glories - MB


Children’s Artist of the Year

Beppie - AB
Ginalina - BC WINNER!
The Pianimals - MB

The Kerplunks - BC

Will's Jams - BC


Classical Artist / Ensemble of the Year (Sponsored by Canadian Music Centre [CMC])

Land's End Ensemble with Ben Reimer and Karl Hirzer - AB

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra - MB

Margaret Carey - MB

Mark Takeshi McGregor - BC WINNER!

Vancouver Island Symphony - BC


Classical Composer of the Year                     

Carmen Braden - NT WINNER!

Dorothy Chang - BC

Marcus Goddard - BC

Stephen Chatman - BC WINNER!

Vincent Ho - AB


Country Artist of the Year                  

Dan Davidson - AB

Don Amero - MB

Hunter Brothers - SK

Jess Moskaluke - SK WINNER!

The Dungarees - AB


Electronic & Dance Artist of the Year            

Khanvict - BC

Miles Away - BC


Rumpus - SK

SkiiTour - BC


Francophone Artist of the Year (sponsored by APCM (Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique)                      

Beauséjour - MB

Kelly Bado - MB WINNER!

Loig Morin - BC

Ponteix - SK

Renelle Ray - AB


Global Artist of the Year (formerly World Artist of the Year)           

Buckman Coe - BC

Casimiro Nhussi - MB

Mazacote - BC

Orchid Ensemble - BC

The Mariachi Ghost - MB WINNER!


Indigenous Artist of the Year (Sponsored By APTN)

Blue Moon Marquee - BC

Burnstick - MB

Celeigh Cardinal - AB

Riit - NV

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC WINNER!


Instrumental Artist of the Year                      

Apollo Suns - MB WINNER!

Christine Hanson - AB

Joe Porter - AB

Mike Morrisseau - AB

Pierre Schryer & Adam Dobres - BC


Jazz Artist of the Year            

Audrey Ochoa - AB WINNER!

Karl Schwonik - AB

Kent Sangster's Obsessions Octet - AB

Regina Jazz Society - SK

Sandro Dominelli - AB


Metal & Hard Music Artist of the Year                      


Dizzy Mystics - MB WINNER!

Hellrazer - AB

Neck of the Woods - BC

Sleepwraith - AB


Pop Artist of the Year            

Alexandria Maillot - BC

Luca Fogale - BC

Martin Kerr - AB

Nuela Charles - AB WINNER!

Riit - NV


Producer of the Year             

deadmen - MB

John Paul Peters - MB WINNER!

Ryan Dahle - BC

Ryan Worsley - BC

Steve Bays - BC


R&B Artist of the Year (formerly Urban Artist of the Year)               

Hooper Turnt Sanger - BC

iamtheliving - BC

Josh Sahunta - AB

Krystle Dos Santos - BC WINNER!

Sebastian Gaskin - MB


Rap & Hip Hop Artist of the Year                   

Bdice - BC

Kimmortal - BC

Moka Only - BC

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC WINNER!

Super Duty Tough Work - MB


Recording of the Year (Sponsored by Stingray Rising Stars)

Frazey Ford - BC

Hunting - BC

Nuela Charles - AB

Royal Canoe - MB

William Prince - MB WINNER!


Rock Artist of the Year (Sponsored by Torque Brewing)                  

Joey Landreth - MB

Mise en Scene - MB

Mobina Galore - MB

The Jerry Cans - NV WINNER!

The Radiant - SK


Roots Artist of the Year             

Del Barber - MB

Kacy & Clayton - SK

Leaf Rapids - MB

The Small Glories - MB

William Prince - MB WINNER!


Songwriter(s) of the Year (Sponsored By The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) SOCAN

Celeigh Cardinal - AB

Del Barber - MB

Kacy Anderson & Clayton Linthicum - SK

Nuela Charles - AB

William Prince - MB WINNER!


Spiritual Artist of the Year                 

Danielle Savard - MB

Dee Daniels - BC WINNER!

Fresh IE - MB

Jay Semko - SK

Katrina Van Humbeck - MB


Video Director of the Year (Sponsored by Manitoba Film & Music) 

Brock Davis Mitchell - Nuela Charles "Long Way Down" - AB

Dustin Wilson, Zach Wilson - The Dead South "Diamond Ring" - SK

Farhad Ghaderi - Jordan Klassen "Virtuous Circle" - BC WINNER!

Jorge Requena - The Mariachi Ghost "Cuerpo Mortal" - MB

Travis Nesbitt - The Dungarees "Don't Make Em Like They Used To" - AB


Visual Media Composer of the Year              

Daniel Janke - Subconscious Password - YT

The Mariachi Ghost - Octavio is Dead! - MB WINNER!

Tom Koroluk - Get Over It - MB

Wolf Willow - Etthén Heldeli: Caribou Eaters - SK    



Audio Engineering Award                  

Ben Kaplan - BC

John Paul Peters - MB WINNER!

Ryan Worsley - BC

Sheldon Zaharko - BC

Steve Bays - BC


Community Excellence Award                       

National Music Centre - AB WINNER!

Red Tent - MB

The Vancouver Island Symphony - BC

West End Cultural Centre - MB

Winnipeg Music Project - MB


Excellence in Visual Design                

Bronwin Parks - Feisty Creative - BC

Logan Tanner & Ron Baldoza - Trifecta Sound Co. - SK

Logan Thackray - Fallen Tree Records - AB

Shalom Toy - Cosmic Cavern Design - AB WINNER!

Shan & Co. - AB


Impact in Artist Development           

Birthday Cake Media - MB

Chronograph Records - AB

National Music Centre - AB WINNER!

Regina Jazz Society Corp. - SK

West End Cultural Centre - MB


Impact in Live Music (Sponsored by Canadian Live Music Association)

National Music Centre - AB

Squamish Constellation Festival - BC

West End Cultural Centre - MB

Winnipeg Folk Festival - MB WINNER!

Winterruption YEG - AB


Impact in Music Marketing                

Chronograph Records - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Susan Busse - SK

The Village Idiots - MB WINNER!

Winnipeg Folk Festival - MB



Heritage Award Recipient

Gerry Atwell - MB