Western Canadian Music Awards

The Western Canadian Music Awards and Industry Awards, celebrate the best of artistic and music industry talent in western Canada.

Music Awards

Congratulations to all 2022 Award Nominees and Winners.   


Nominations for the 2023 Western Canadian Music Awards and Industry Awards


BreakOut Artist of the Year (Sponsored by FACTOR)

Boslen - BC

Katie Tupper - SK

Leith Ross - MB

Mariel Buckley - AB



Children’s Artist of the Year

Beppie - AB

Ginalina - BC

Ira Pettle - BC

Mom Bop - BC

Will et Seeka - BC 


Classical Artist / Ensemble of the Year (Sponsored by Canadian Music Centre [CMC])

Karl Stobbe - MB

Krisztina Szabó - BC

Mark Takeshi McGregor - BC

Megumi Masaki - MB

musica intima - BC 


Classical Composer of the Year             

Christopher Tyler Nickel - Oboe d’amore Quintet "IV. Con fuoco" - BC

Jessica McMann - The Bear and the Wild Rose - Home  "Muskwas Mountain Home"-AB

Katerina Gimon - Borealis "Roots Beneath" - BC

T Patrick Carrabré - Transformation "Orpheus 1" - BC

Vincent Ho - Sandman's Castle "R1ddler" – AB


      Country Artist of the Year        

Gord Bamford - AB

Hunter Brothers - SK

JoJo Mason - BC

Nice Horse - AB

Whitehorse  - MB 


          Electronic & Dance Artist of the Year            

Boogey The Beat - MB

Khanvict - BC

Modern Biology - BC


The Librarian - BC



Francophone Artist of the Year (sponsored by APCM (Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique)                      

Andrina Turenne - MB

Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds - MB

Jocelyne Baribeau - MB

Sala - MB

Sympa César - AB    


Global Artist of the Year 

Cristian de la Luna - AB

El Leon & The Strangers - MB

Gisela Romero - AB

Onna Lou - MB

Ruby Singh - BC 


Indigenous Artist of the Year 

Blue Moon Marquee - BC

Celeigh Cardinal - AB

Jayli Wolf - BC


Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC      


                   Instrumental Artist of the Year                      

Adam Dobres - BC

Elise Boeur & Adam Iredale-Gray - BC

Glen Gillis - SK

Hello Moth - AB

Jasmine Jazz - BC 


           Jazz Artist of the Year            

Chris Andrew - AB

Jocelyn Gould - MB

Melody Diachun - BC

Up and Over Trio - AB

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra - MB    


                  Metal & Hard Music Artist of the Year                      

Gnarwhal - NT

Grimelda - SK

KEN mode - MB

New Jacobin Club - SK

Osyron - AB   


          Pop Artist of the Year            

Begonia - MB

Josh Ramsay - BC

Kaeley Jade - AB

Louise Burns - BC



          Producer of the Year             

Boogey The Beat - MB

Deadmen - MB

Jill Barber, Erik P. H. Nielsen - BC

Kevvy - BC

Louise Burns - BC 


R&B Artist of the Year 

Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds - MB

Katie Tupper - SK

Kuba Oms - BC

Major Funk - YT



                 Rap & Hip Hop Artist of the Year                   

Arlo Maverick - AB

Boslen - BC

Cartel Madras - AB

Dill the Giant - MB

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC 


Recording of the Year

Dear Rouge - BC


Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC

Whitehorse - MB

William Prince – MB


Rock Artist of the Year 

Dan Mangan - BC

Hotel Mira - BC

Kris Anders - BC

The Royal Foundry - AB

The Zolas – BC


           Roots Artist of the Year             

Jake Vaadeland - SK

Jill Barber - BC

Mariel Buckley - AB

The Bros. Landreth - MB

William Prince - MB  


Songwriter(s) of the Year (Sponsored by The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) SOCAN

Alexa Dirks and Matt Peters - Begonia "Butterfly" - MB

Leith Ross -  "We'll Never Have Sex" - MB

Ryan Dyck - Skinny Dyck "TV Blue" - AB

William Prince - "When You Miss Someone" - MB

Young D, Yung Trybez - Snotty Nose Rez Kids "Hot Planet" – BC


             Spiritual Artist of the Year                 

Andrea Menard - BC

Cikwes - AB

Dee Daniels - BC

Stirling John - AB

Two Late To The Party - AB 


Video Director of the Year (Sponsored by Manitoba Film & Music) 

Jayli Wolf - "Holding On" - BC

Lester Lyons-Hookham - Dan Mangan "Fire Escape" - BC

Mayumi Yoshida - “Different Than Before” - BC

Michael Linton - Mariel Buckley "Neon Blue" - MB

Ryan Steel - Begonia "Married by Elvis" – MB




                 Audio Engineering Award                  

Andy Schichter - BC

Cam Loeppky - MB

Eric Cinnamon - AB

Johnny Gasparic - AB

Sheldon Zaharko - BC 


                Community Excellence Award                       

ADVANCE Canada's Black Music Business Collective - BC

Folk On The Rocks - NT

Good + Plenty Arts Collective - MB

Hitmakerz - NV

National Music Centre – AB


             Excellence in Visual Design                

Feisty Creative - BC

Lyle Bell - AB

MAUVEY and Bree Laryea - BC

Roberta Landreth - MB

Sonny Assu - BC 


         Impact in Artist Development           

Birthday Cake Media - MB

Chris Wynters - AB

Paquin Artists Agency - MB

Tiny Kingdom - BC



Impact in Live Music (Sponsored by Canadian Live Music Association)

Folk On The Rocks - NT

JazzYYC - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Paquin Artists Agency - MB

West End Cultural Centre - MB 


           Impact in Music Marketing                

All Good Promotion & Marketing - AB

Birthday Cake Media - MB

Chronograph Records - AB

National Music Centre - AB

West End Cultural Centre – MB