Western Canadian Music Awards

The Western Canadian Music Awards and Industry Awards, celebrate the best of artistic and music industry talent in western Canada.

Music Awards

Congratulations to all 2021 Award Nominees and Winners.   


Nominations for the 2022 Western Canadian Music Awards and Industry Awards

Blues Artist of the Year

Brandon Isaak - BC

David Gogo - BC

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne - BC

Son Of Dave - MB

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer - BC


BreakOut Artist of the Year (Sponsored by FACTOR)

Boy Golden - MB

Haley Blais - BC

Kyle McKearney - AB

Leith Ross - MB

The Garrys - SK


Children’s Artist of the Year

Beppie - AB

Music with Mandy - AB

Smilin' Rylan - AB

The Oot n' Oots - BC

Will's Jams - BC


Classical Artist / Ensemble of the Year (Sponsored by Canadian Music Centre [CMC])

Aventa Ensemble - BC

Christopher Tyler Nickel - BC

Mark Takeshi McGregor - BC

Standing Wave - BC

Tom McCaslin - AB


Classical Composer of the Year                     

Dorothy Chang - "Soaring Spirits" - BC

Edward Top - "Donemus Records" - BC

Fred Stride - Saskatchewan All Star Big Band "Saskatchewan Suite" - BC

Jordan Nobles - "Chiaroscuro" - BC

Stephen Chatman - "Soaring Spirits" - BC 


Country Artist of the Year                  

Dan Davidson - AB

Hailey Benedict - AB

Jess Moskaluke - SK

Nice Horse    AB

Tyler Joe Miller – BC


Electronic & Dance Artist of the Year            


Elazion - BC

Gl0bal - BC

Rumpus - SK

Sabai - BC

Takis - BC 


Francophone Artist of the Year (sponsored by APCM (Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique)                      

Étienne Fletcher - SK

Jocelyne Baribeau - MB

Matt Stern - BC

Ponteix - SK

The Pxrtals - SK


Global Artist of the Year 

Aasiva - NV

Andino Suns - SK

Notas de 4 - AB

Will TOA - BC

Omianan - BC


Indigenous Artist of the Year 

Cassidy Mann - MB

Jessica McMann - AB

Jade Turner - MB

Kyle McKearney - AB

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC


Instrumental Artist of the Year                      

Astrocolor - BC

Casimiro Nhussi - MB

Keanu Ienco - BC

Mohamed Assani - BC

Waxwing - BC


Jazz Artist of the Year            

Al Muirhead Quintet - AB

Erin Propp & Larry Roy - MB

Esteban Herrera Quintet - AB

Ryan Oliver - BC

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra - MB


Metal & Hard Music Artist of the Year                      

Archspire - BC

Before & Apace - SK

Flash Back - SK

Osyron - AB

Trench - AB


Pop Artist of the Year            

Field Guide - MB

Haley Blais - BC

Mathew V - BC

Nuela Charles - AB

Velours - SK


Producer of the Year             

Factor Chandelier - SK

Liam Duncan - MB

Megan Nash, Dana Rempel, Darnell Stewart, Tanner Wilhelm Hale - SK

Ryan Worsley - BC

Zach Gray, James Younger - BC


R&B Artist of the Year 

Katie Tupper - SK


Sargeant X Comrade - AB


Uyemi - AB


Rap & Hip Hop Artist of the Year                   

Anthony OKS - MB

Def3 & Late Night Radio - BC

K-Riz - AB

Mouraine - AB

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC


Recording of the Year

Ariel Posen - MB

Megan Nash  - SK

Samantha Savage Smith - AB

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC

The Dead South - SK


Rock Artist of the Year 

Ariel Posen - MB

Dear Rouge - BC

King of Foxes - AB

New Wales - MB

Royal Canoe - MB


Roots Artist of the Year             

Ben Sures - AB

Del Barber - MB

John Wort Hannam - AB

Maria Dunn - AB

Sweet Alibi - MB


Songwriter(s) of the Year (Sponsored by The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) SOCAN

Grant Davidson - Slow Leaves "Stick Around" - MB

Katie Tupper - "How Can I Get Your Love?" - SK

Mathew van Vooght and Luca Fogale - Mathew V "Healing" - BC

Sam Lynch - "Keeping Time" - BC

Tim Buckley - T. Buckley "Holding My Place" - AB


Spiritual Artist of the Year                 

Amanda Hagel - SK

Danny Floyd Cole - AB

Elenee - SK

Fonzdot - AB

Two Late To The Party - AB


Video Director of the Year (Sponsored by Manitoba Film & Music) 

Amy Mantyka - Megan Nash "Chew Quietly / Clean Slate " - SK

Brandi Sidoryk & Krista Wodelet - Nice Horse "High School" - AB

Eva Dominelli - Gentle Party "God Complex" - BC

Landon Lake - Don Amero "My Poor Mama" - MB

Martin LaFrenière - Boy Golden "Church of Better Daze" - MB


Visual Media Composer of the Year              

Alfredo Santa Ana – Chained - BC

Jesse Zubot - ANCiEnT SkY - BC

Jesse Zubot, Pura Fé - Spirit Emulsion - BC

Jesse Zubot, Russell Wallace - Monkey Beach - BC

Mahogany Frog – Faust - MB



Audio Engineering Award                  

Andy Schichter - BC

Dan Davidson - AB

Ryan Worsley - BC

Scott Franchuk - AB

Sheldon Zaharko - BC


Community Excellence Award                       

Curbside Concerts - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Red Tie Productions - MB

Sakamoto Agency - BC

The Happy Nun Café - SK


Excellence in Visual Design                

Bronwin Parks - Feisty Creative - BC

Shalom Toy - Cosmic Cavern - AB

Kenton Doupe - Factor Eight - SK

x/o & Venom–s Studios - BC

Angie C, David MacKenzie, Kristen Carleton & LK Visuals - AB


Impact in Artist Development           

Birthday Cake Records - MB

Cordova Bay Entertainment Group, Inc. - BC

Curbside Concerts - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Tiny Kingdom - BC


Impact in Live Music (Sponsored by Canadian Live Music Association)

Curbside Concerts - AB

Folk On The Rocks - NT

King Eddy - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club - MB


Impact in Music Marketing                

Birthday Cake Records - MB

Chronograph Records - AB

Curbside Concerts - AB

Fallen Tree Records - AB

National Music Centre - AB