Posted On: Apr. 4, 2022

Featured Organization - Tiny Kingdom Music

In 2017 Meagan Davidson and Savannah Wellman launched Tiny Kingdom as an artist management and admin services company. It expanded into a label in 2020 after seeing the need for more release support from our artists and the community. Tiny Kingdom continues to provide services to a broad range of clients outside of their own roster in the form of grant writing, talent curation, and consulting. Tiny Kingdom also spearheads the Women In Music British Columbia chapter, to foster gender equality within the industry.

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Photo: Savannah Wellman by Victoria Black
What is success for your organization in the coming year?

Success for us in the coming year is seeing our artists be able to get back to doing what they love, and helping them reach their goals. We look forward to expanding our release catalogue and discovering all the new music that has been percolating!

What are you currently excited about in the music industry?

I'm thrilled to see the renewed enthusiasm for live music, not only from fans but within the industry as well! It's going to be a fantastic year for shows and I can't wait to see everyone on the dance floor again.

What is the greatest challenge you face currently, and how can other industry and artists partners help?

I think as we come out of the hibernation that was the pandemic, we all need to have patience and compassion for one another. We're being thrown right back into the deep end, which can be rather overwhelming! Supporting one another is how we will all get back to a successful and thriving sector. A high tide floats all boats!

Can you give a shout out to an artist or industry member who is also doing great things?

Teon Gibbs runs the 100 Collective, an organization that aims to connect and support independent artists in Western Canada, with a specific focus on highlighting black creators. They've got exciting plans for the future and are definitely ones to watch!