About the International Events

Beyond the yearly BreakOut West event, the best and the brightest of Canadian artists and music entrepreneurs from the west are also given the opportunity to participate in festivals around the world. In the last 12-months, BreakOut West, along with Its provincial and territorial partners, has presented artists at international events including SXSW, The Great Escape, FOCUS Wales, Tallinn Music Week, Australian Music Week, and many more.

Folk Alliance International 2019

BreakOut West is teaming up with Alberta Music, Music BC, Manitoba Music, and SaskMusic to host a…

Australian Music Week 2018

Six Canadian acts head to Cronulla, New South Wales for Australian Music Week.

Tallinn Music Week 2019

The 11th edition of the new music and city festival Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will take place in…

FOCUS Wales 2019

As part of the BreakOut West partnership with FOCUS Wales, the following western Canadian artists…

Americana 2018

BreakOut West artists take their talents South to Americana. Check out the incredible lineup for…

BreakOut West at Reeperbahn 2018

Check out the incredible talent coming your way Germany. Join us for some incredible western…

New Skool Rules 2018

The worlds biggest International Urban Music conference and Festival.

BreakOut West at FOCUS Wales 2018

And the seven western Canadian artists headed to showcase at Focus Wales 2018 are…….