2022 Western Canadian Music Awards Artistic Nominees

Blues Artist of the Year

Brandon Isaak - BC

David Gogo - BC

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne - BC

Son Of Dave - MB

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer - BC


BreakOut Artist of the Year (Sponsored by FACTOR)

Boy Golden - MB

Haley Blais - BC

Kyle McKearney - AB

Leith Ross - MB

The Garrys - SK


Children’s Artist of the Year

Beppie - AB

Music with Mandy - AB

Smilin' Rylan - AB

The Oot n' Oots - BC

Will's Jams - BC


Classical Artist / Ensemble of the Year (Sponsored by Canadian Music Centre [CMC])

Aventa Ensemble - BC

Christopher Tyler Nickel - BC

Mark Takeshi McGregor - BC

Standing Wave - BC

Tom McCaslin - AB


Classical Composer of the Year                     

Dorothy Chang - "Soaring Spirits" - BC

Edward Top - "Donemus Records" - BC

Fred Stride - Saskatchewan All Star Big Band "Saskatchewan Suite" - BC

Jordan Nobles - "Chiaroscuro" - BC

Stephen Chatman - "Soaring Spirits" - BC 


Country Artist of the Year                  

Dan Davidson - AB

Hailey Benedict - AB

Jess Moskaluke - SK

Nice Horse    AB

Tyler Joe Miller – BC


Electronic & Dance Artist of the Year            


Elazion - BC

Gl0bal - BC

Rumpus - SK

Sabai - BC

Takis - BC 


Francophone Artist of the Year (sponsored by APCM (Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique)                      

Étienne Fletcher - SK

Jocelyne Baribeau - MB

Matt Stern - BC

Ponteix - SK

The Pxrtals - SK


Global Artist of the Year 

Aasiva - NV

Andino Suns - SK

Notas de 4 - AB

Will TOA - BC

Omianan - BC


Indigenous Artist of the Year 

Cassidy Mann - MB

Jessica McMann - AB

Jade Turner - MB

Kyle McKearney - AB

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC


Instrumental Artist of the Year                      

Astrocolor - BC

Casimiro Nhussi - MB

Keanu Ienco - BC

Mohamed Assani - BC

Waxwing - BC


Jazz Artist of the Year            

Al Muirhead Quintet - AB

Erin Propp & Larry Roy - MB

Esteban Herrera Quintet - AB

Ryan Oliver - BC

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra - MB


Metal & Hard Music Artist of the Year                      

Archspire - BC

Before & Apace - SK

Flash Back - SK

Osyron - AB

Trench - AB


Pop Artist of the Year            

Field Guide - MB

Haley Blais - BC

Mathew V - BC

Nuela Charles - AB

Velours - SK


Producer of the Year             

Factor Chandelier - SK

Liam Duncan - MB

Megan Nash, Dana Rempel, Darnell Stewart, Tanner Wilhelm Hale - SK

Ryan Worsley - BC

Zach Gray, James Younger - BC


R&B Artist of the Year 

Katie Tupper - SK


Sargeant X Comrade - AB


Uyemi - AB


Rap & Hip Hop Artist of the Year                   

Anthony OKS - MB

Def3 & Late Night Radio - BC

K-Riz - AB

Mouraine - AB

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC


Recording of the Year

Ariel Posen - MB

Megan Nash  - SK

Samantha Savage Smith - AB

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - BC

The Dead South - SK


Rock Artist of the Year 

Ariel Posen - MB

Dear Rouge - BC

King of Foxes - AB

New Wales - MB

Royal Canoe - MB


Roots Artist of the Year  ( ​​​​​Sponsored by Calgary Folk Music Festival)           

Ben Sures - AB

Del Barber - MB

John Wort Hannam - AB

Maria Dunn - AB

Sweet Alibi - MB


Songwriter(s) of the Year (Sponsored by The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) SOCAN

Grant Davidson - Slow Leaves "Stick Around" - MB

Katie Tupper - "How Can I Get Your Love?" - SK

Mathew van Vooght and Luca Fogale - Mathew V "Healing" - BC

Sam Lynch - "Keeping Time" - BC

Tim Buckley - T. Buckley "Holding My Place" - AB


Spiritual Artist of the Year                 

Amanda Hagel - SK

Danny Floyd Cole - AB

Elenee - SK

Fonzdot - AB

Two Late To The Party - AB


Video Director of the Year (Sponsored by Manitoba Film & Music) 

Amy Mantyka - Megan Nash "Chew Quietly / Clean Slate " - SK

Brandi Sidoryk & Krista Wodelet - Nice Horse "High School" - AB

Eva Dominelli - Gentle Party "God Complex" - BC

Landon Lake - Don Amero "My Poor Mama" - MB

Martin LaFrenière - Boy Golden "Church of Better Daze" - MB


Visual Media Composer of the Year              

Alfredo Santa Ana – Chained - BC

Jesse Zubot - ANCiEnT SkY - BC

Jesse Zubot, Pura Fé - Spirit Emulsion - BC

Jesse Zubot, Russell Wallace - Monkey Beach - BC

Mahogany Frog – Faust - MB



Audio Engineering Award                  

Andy Schichter - BC

Dan Davidson - AB

Ryan Worsley - BC

Scott Franchuk - AB

Sheldon Zaharko - BC


Community Excellence Award                       

Curbside Concerts - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Red Tie Productions - MB

Sakamoto Agency - BC

The Happy Nun Café - SK


Excellence in Visual Design                

Bronwin Parks - Feisty Creative - BC

Shalom Toy - Cosmic Cavern - AB

Kenton Doupe - Factor Eight - SK

x/o & Venom–s Studios - BC

Angie C, David MacKenzie, Kristen Carleton & LK Visuals - AB


Impact in Artist Development           

Birthday Cake Records - MB

Cordova Bay Entertainment Group, Inc. - BC

Curbside Concerts - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Tiny Kingdom - BC


Impact in Live Music (Sponsored by Canadian Live Music Association)

Curbside Concerts - AB

Folk On The Rocks - NT

King Eddy - AB

National Music Centre - AB

Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club - MB


Impact in Music Marketing                

Birthday Cake Records - MB

Chronograph Records - AB

Curbside Concerts - AB

Fallen Tree Records - AB

National Music Centre - AB