Posted On: Sep. 6, 2019

Be The Official 2019 BreakOut West Weekend Ambassador

We’re looking for one social media champion to be our BreakOut West Ambassador! What does it take to qualify? Share your weekend experience online, highlighting all the amazing activities and performances you atteneded. We’ll be giving our ambassador $250 to do with as they please…. Snazzy outfit to dogsled in? Food budget? New strings for your showcase?


Is This Person You?

Are you active on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Blogging and post interesting content? Work in music? Play music? Attending BreakOut West in Whitehorse? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for. Tell us why you should be the 2019 BreakOut West Ambassador!

To Enter:

Post a photo/video that catches our eye (tag @BreakOutWest and make sure to use #BREAKOUTWEST of course!) saying you want to be the ambassador. Be creative. Post more than once if you want.  

Winning entry will be selected on Oct 2nd and handed $250 at registration. From there, you’ll need to share a minimum of four posts per day via your personal accounts, sharing your BreakOut West experience (ie, a photo on IG, FB live a song from your favourite festival set, group shot with your new #BREAKOUTWEST friends, tweet about the best industry connection you made, daily recap blog post on your website, etc). Use the money to make the weekend even more awesome, or just use it to get back home. Either way, we want to hear about it.

Take a look at our previous BreakOut West Ambassador, XANA’s, event recap vlog: