Posted On: Apr. 14, 2021

Featured Organization - Queers to the Front Booking

Queers to the Front Booking is an artist management company prioritizing queer, disabled and BIPOC musicians and artists and advocating for safer spaces. They operate all over North America, Europe, and the UK.

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What is success for your organization in the coming year?

Success in 2021 for us would mean being able to help our artists through these strange and uncertain times as much as we can without booking shows. Help them build a solid foundation and give them more time to concentrate on music.


What are you currently excited about in the music industry?

To see people adapt to this new and fickle situation we’re all currently in. So many people in music had their lives changed by the pandemic and it’s interesting to see how everyone is coping with the situation. Also its amazing to see growing diversity in mainstream rock/pop. It’s super exciting to see bands like Meet Me at the Altar grow.

What is the greatest challenge you face currently, and how can other industry and artists partners help?

Definitely not being able to tour. It was the main source of income before the pandemic hit and it just got wiped out pretty much over night. What we can do now is help out the artists that we love in other ways. Instead of concert tickets buy a shirt or a record, tell your friends and support them on streaming platforms.
There was this tweet the other day - your Spotify Wrapped list is basically a list of artists you owe money too, lol.

Can you give a shout out to an artist or industry member who is also doing great things?

Lindsey Miller and Grinberg at Heathers Artist Management

Jake Sulzer of Counter Intuitive Records

Get Better Records

Jamie Coletta of No Earbuds

Emily and Al at Amateur Pop Inc. in Leicester, UK

Zahra and the Young Women’s Music Project Crew in Oxford, UK