Posted On: Jan. 13, 2021

Featured Organization - Trifecta Sound Co.

Trifecta Sound Co started from a small SK arts & culture festival, Trifecta Music Festival, and grew into a year round effort, adding on Trifecta Concert Series and Trifecta Block Party. Through this, their team met likeminded artists who wanted to build something different together for SK and beyond.

Today, Trifecta Sound Co. is a Canadian music startup with our artist roster spanning from Toronto to Western Canada. Their artists have toured together from the UK to the US to Singapore, and hosted showcases at festivals such as CMW and NXNE. Their team is always searching for ways in which DIY artists can better develop in a digitally-driven world, as well as how the arts industry can diversify as a whole. They have presented their work at conferences such as BreakOut West, Very Prairie Music Summit, and the Congress of Humanities & Social Sciences.

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What is success for your organization in the coming year?

Our artist roster, namely Saltnudes (previously LOA), Alex Bent + The Emptiness, Denise Valle, along with my own boyband, Samurai Champs, have been hard at work throughout 2020, preparing for a post-pandemic, post-tour world. I’m beyond excited to show you the songs we’ve all been working on for 2021. I also can’t wait to watch our brand new radio show continue to grow. Hosted by our lead DJ, Tefrondon, alongside our genre-blending hip-hop artist, Alex Bent, Trifecta Sound on ISO Radio aims to connect more Western Canadian artists with Toronto and the rest of the world. Tune in by typing in your browser at 6PM EST on the first Saturday of the month.

What are you currently excited about in the music industry?

In the music industry, but in creative industries as a whole, I’ve been most stoked on the major shifts occurring away from traditional gatekeepers and old dinosaur norms. As a Hong Kongese-Thai Canadian, I can’t wait to see more artists of colour rise up and for Canada’s creative geography to continue to diversify. If people aren’t already on to them, they should check out Canadian trailblazers already hard at work in this space, such as Blue Crane Agency’s Tao-Ming Lau, and ISO Radio’s Josephine Cruz (aka Jayemkayem) and Mike Ho (aka Freeza Chin).

What is the greatest challenge you face currently, and how can other industry and artists partners help?

After this pandemic, bouncing back from the evaporation of touring and live music will be hard. Industry and artists need to support each other, share knowledge, and connect with one another if we want to make the arts in Canada strong again. Most of all, now more than ever, is the time for fans to show up for their favourite bands, whether it’s buying merch, tuning in, or reaching out to them to let them know to keep going.

Can you give a shout out to an artist or industry member who is also doing great things?

Tau-Ming Lau (Blue Crane), Josephine Cruz (ISO Radio), Mike Ho (Bare Selection), and Andrea Warner (CBC) are Canadian music heroes to me. I also want to give a personal shoutout to two good homies - Arlo Maverick, whose charisma and sheer will keeps Edmonton’s hip hop scene alive, and Tim Jones, who’s pulling off some of the craziest stunts in the industry I’ve ever seen even while being holed up in Winnipeg. I’m proud to know these two as close friends, and I hit them up anytime Trifecta is in need of a lateral solution.