Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

Digital, Production and More Digital... More BOW Panel Announcements:

Make sure you plan to be in Kelowna by Thursday as we are starting off strong. Here are some of the sessions running Thursday and Friday.

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Left to right: Andrew King, Ryan Worsley, Elisa Pangsaeng, Chirs Henderson

Production: Finding the Perfect Mix

A walk through a recording sessions, looking at how they each address challenges in production, interesting functions and trending sounds. Crowd sourced questions about their processes. Highlights of key projects they have worked on. These incredible producers have worked with artists such as R.Kelly, Jamie Foxx, Mÿa, Shad, you Say Party, Kinnie Starr, Dear Rouge, Basia bulat, Said the Whale, and so many more.... Do not miss this oportunity to see get their to tips. 

Andrew King – Canadian Musician (Moderator), Ryan Worsley - EchoPlant Recording Studio, Elisa Pangsaeng - Monarch Studios, Chris Henderson

Left to right: Elise Rollers, Adam Lewis, Erin Kinghorn, Geoff Goddard

New Release Strategies in a World of Streaming

The traditional release trajectory has changed. In a world of streaming, singles and digital distribution, what are the new successful strategies to plan and market your releases and how does this differ for different genres and audiences.

Elise Roller - MB Music (Moderator), Adam Lewis - Plenary Group, Erin Kinghorn - eEk! Productions, Geoff Goddard - Frontside Promotions, Philip Stein – Streamcut (not pictured)


Left to right: Andew King, Tyler Tasson, Adam Jones

Branding in a Digital Space

Have you seen these services that are an “industry collective” - or better yet - an à la cart selection of services (bio writing, PR, management, etc.) that artists can take advantage of for one-time costs vs. recouping via a label? Let's talk.

Andrew King - Canadian Musician Magazine, Adam Jones - alj innovations, Tyler Tasson - Endemic Music Marketing


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