Posted On: Aug. 3, 2022

Apply to be part of the Keychange participant programme in 2023!


Apply to be part of the Keychange participant programme in 2023!



Apply for keychange 2023


About the Program

Keychange supports women and gender minority Artists and Innovators to take part in an extensive talent development programme of showcases, panels, workshops, mentoring and creative sessions. The year-long programme takes place at 13 festivals across Europe and Canada, including 2 full network meet-ups in February and September. As well as exporting opportunities, the Keychange talent development programme helps participants to get to the next stage in their career through targeted training. 


About Keychange

Keychange is an international campaign and network for gender equality, which aims to diversify the current music industry to create a more sustainable and stronger community for everyone. 

Current studies show that there is still a drastic lack of gender diversity in local and international music scenes. We believe that this lack of visibility, alongside a toxic environment, has created a system in which women and other marginalised genders have been consistently held back and prevented from participating in the music industry. 

In order to achieve equal and diverse representation in music, we must urgently work as a community to increase the visibility, output and participation of women and other genders. See what Keychange means by ‘gender minorities’ on their FAQs here.

Keychange aims to rectify this inequality by promoting the work and visibility of underrepresented genders. 

Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and led by Reeperbahn Festival, Keychange is a global network and equality movement which includes partners and collaborators in 12 countries, and over 500 organisations committed to progress from over 40 countries. 

Keychange is committed to raising the profile of minority groups in order to achieve equal and fair representation for all.