Posted On: Mar. 21, 2016


The WCMA Board and staff have been hard at work to incorporate some new categories to the WCMA to help become more inclusive to the changing music industry. Check out all of the award descriptions below.


Audio Engineering Award presented by OIART

Whether it’s live or in the studio – are you the one that ‘technically’ makes the sound come to life? Are you from western Canada and work locally, nationally or internationally? Submit now!

Community Excellence Award

Have you done your part in giving back to the community? It could be your work supporting those in your own backyard, a global cause or may have been something to support the music community at large. This is open to artists, individuals and companies doing their part!

Excellence in Visual Design

Do you create visual art that support music marketing and branding? T-shirts, gig posters, online, album packaging – it’s all covered! Submit now and show us what you got!

Impact in Artist Development

Are you a manager, label, agent or publisher? A WCMA would look really sweet in your office! Anyone who is working behind the scenes to advance the career of an artist or roster can apply. In our industry we often talk about who is on your team, is that you? Submit now for a WCMA!


Impact in Live Music presented by: Music Canada Live

Are you a part of western Canada’s vibrant live music scene? We are talking to you agents, promoters, presenters, buyers, venues, festivals! Did you break records with your attendance? Do some innovative programming? Meet a community need? This could be your moment! Submit now!


Impact in Music Marketing

Do you Facebook, Tweet and Instagram? Are you pitching for airplay, interviews and creating out-of-the-box ways for artists to cut through and get noticed? Time to step away from the computer and have your moment on the stage! Time to tell us what you have been up to… submit now! 



Blues Artist of the Year

Do you have the blues? Whether you are traditionally, have a modern vibe or if your blues is stripped down or full of electric goodness…submit your project for a WCMA! Live and produced studio recordings are eligible.


Children’s Artist of the Year

Are you in it for the kids? Does your music shape the minds of our next generation? If yes, then hop, skip and jump over to the submissions page and submit for a WCMA!


Classical Artist/Ensemble of the Year presented by CMC

You are an instrumental soloist, part of a large or small chamber ensemble or an instrumental soloist with chamber accompaniment? Maybe you have a vocal or choral work? Submit now for a WCMA!


Country Artist of the Year

Is your life a country song? Whether it’s all about that western swing, you take an alternative approach or are a pure traditionalist – we want to recognize your country music project. We want it all! Submit now for a WCMA!


Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year

Are electronic beats your jam? You all about filling the dance floor with your sweet EDM sounds and have even have all the write approvals for some sweet samples you mixed in to your tracks. You also really want to win a WCMA… so obviously you have submitted your recording right?


Instrumental Artist of the Year

Lyrics – meh! You don’t need lyrics…does your music tells a story with sweet sounds of just instruments? Instrumental music knows no genre – so this is a wide open…unless of course you applied in the Classical category.  Just choose one!


Jazz Artist of the Year

Show of jazz hands… do you bebop, hard bob or swing? Are more cool, smooth or traditional jazz or do you flavor your jazz with Latin, Cuban, Afro-Cuban, world vibes? Or is your jazz avant-garde, free improvisation, third stream or orchestral… did we miss anything? If you’re jazzy – get your WCMA submission in!


Metal/Hard Music Artist of the Year

Do you rock hard? Do you like your metal heavy? You do not mess around! It’s time to claim the hardware…but first you need to submit that bada$$ recording and get nominated for a WCMA!


Pop Artist of the Year

Do you have a song that get’s stuck in peoples heads? Your brand of pop is blazing trails and making waves! You obviously need a WCMA! If you recorded it live or in the studio…we want to know about it! Submit now!


Rap/Hip Hop Artist of the Year

Do poetry, rhythm and sweet beats, delivered MC style define you? It’s your time to be recognized! Submit now and get nominated for a WCMA!


Rock Artist of the Year presented by: Radio Starmaker

Do you rock? Are you alternative, soft, glam, punk, progressive, hard, contemporary or pop? You are rock to your core and obviously need a WCMA! Submit now!


Roots Duo/Group of the Year

Is roots music is your vibe? Are you traditional or are you using new sounds? You don’t do it alone…you have a partner or are a group. Recorded a live project? Cool – submit it! Produced it in a studio? Submit now!


Roots Solo Artist of the Year

Are you are a lone wolf, and making roots music your way? Are you using new sounds or are you straight up in your approach? Get recognized by submitting for a WCMA!


Spiritual Artist of the Year

Is your music based in inspirational faith? Spiritual music knows no genre – so whether you are more traditional or are contemporary…you are eligible. Is your style is more country, alternative, pop or rock – eligible. Are you a choir? Have an instrumental project? All eligible. It’s your time – submit now for a WCMA!


Urban Artist of the Year

Are you funky? Have soul? It’s your time to get on the stage and shine…but first let’s get you nominated! Submit for your WCMA!


World Artist of the Year

Does your music takes listeners on a journey to places far from home? Do you draw on influences from all around the world? How about getting recognized with a WCMA! Submit now!


Aboriginal Artist of the Year

Are you a part of a group or duo that creates music in any genre that is at least 50% Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit or Métis? Are you an Indigenous solo artist from Western Canada? Submit your project for a WCMA!


BreakOut Artist of the Year

Are you the current buzz band? Are you the media darlings of Western Canada? Are you on the charts, on tour and selling out shows? Has this been your year? Submit for a WCMA to cap off what has already been the best year ever!


Classical Composition of the Year

Are you a composer of instrumental or vocal works for soloists, chamber ensembles, instrumental ensembles, instrumental soloists with large ensemble or chamber ensemble accompaniment? Does your work appear on a recording that includes all original western Canadian classical works composed within the last fifty years?  A composition is generally one body of work, but may contain multiple movements to make up one composition. Submissions into this category may also be submitted into one genre category in the same year.


Francophone Artist of the Year presented by Musicaction

Do you speak the language of love? Are you a solo artist, duo or group and you perform music in your genre of choice, but in French? Submit your recordings for a WCMA!


Producer of the Year

Are you the magic behind the music? Do you spend long hours in the studio pulling out the best in your artists? Did you work on local, national or international projects? You can totally win a WCMA for all of it. Submit now!


Recording of the Year presented by Stingray Music

All genres, all styles – one category? That’s right – we throw caution to the wind and award excellence in a complete recording!  Even if you have applied in a genre category – you can apply again! What?! Submit now!


Songwriter(s) of the Year presented by SOCAN

Are you totally western Canadian and wrote or collaborated on a project? You could be recognized with a WCMA…this one has lots of rules…check them out here…(and submit!)


Video Director of the Year

Did you take on the task of taking a song brought it to life visually? Did you take the story-telling to the next level? You are western Canadian but your project could be local, national or international! A WCMA could be yours! Submit now!


Visual Media Composer of the Year

Did you create a piece of music for the sole purpose of a screen-based project – film, TV show, soundtrack or video game? Cool! Now you could win a WCMA for it! Submit your project now!