Posted On: Nov. 9, 2021

Panel Announcement:

The Future of Livestreams


You’ve seen more than a few in the last year, from artists strumming into their phones on instagram, to multi-camera recordings on big empty stages. Livestreams reminded us what we were missing during an extended and mournful period of no live shows. But how will they be integrated into the live music business moving forward? Will all the festivals that offered streaming programming toss their new ATEMs in the bin? Is there a way to use livestreams and other types of performance videography to market and add value to live shows with audiences? Our panel of live music industry experts discuss what measures they took in the last year with regards to live streaming, what will stay and what will go, part of BreakOut West 2022 you will not want to miss.




Meet a few of the panelists

Heather Gibson - National Arts Centre

Heather Gibson is responsible for all music programming (except orchestra) at Canada's National Arts Centre. Producing and presenting over 120 performances annually on four stages ranging from 150 capacity to 2100 capacity, Heather also created #CanadaPerforms, an online digital platform for performances during the pandemic. She is also currently the Executive Producer for Canada's cultural program at Dubai Expo.

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Mike Bell - New Colossus Festival

Mike Bell is the co-founder of the New Colossus Festival, an annual gathering of emerging international artists and music industry professionals on New York City's Lower East Side. In addition to running the festival and conference, Mike is the founder of Lorimer Beacon, a consulting agency focused on meeting the needs of international creative organizations in the US.

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Andrea Kotylak - Starlite Room / Starlite Sessions

Andrea Kotylak is the operating partner of The Starlite Room, located in Edmonton, AB, and the creator of the Starlite's digital format, The Starlite Sessions. With over 20 years experience working within live events, hospitality and nightlife, Andrea created the Starlite Sessions with the intention of bridging the gaps within the live music ecosystem, creating an inclusive digital experience to aid in the development of emerging artists, building fan bases beyond artist’s local regions, all the while creating travel, tourism, employment and economic growth within the arts and cultural communities of Edmonton and Alberta. Starlite Sessions hopes by developing an inclusive digital music and arts community and culture; economic growth, employment, and revenue in the live music and arts community will increase by expanding youth retention and attracting tourism.

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Inuksuk MacKay - PIQSIQ

With a style perpetually galvanized by darkness and haunting northern beauty, sisters, Tiffany Ayalik and Inuksuk Mackay, come together to create Inuit style throat singing duo, PIQSIQ. Performing ancient traditional songs and eerie new compositions, they leave their listeners enthralled with the infinity of possible answers to the question “what is the meaning of life.” With roots in Nunavut’s Kitikmeot and Kivalliq Regions, the sisters grew up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Their love of katajjaq, Inuit throat singing, began in childhood and has bonded them together throughout their lives. After years of forging hard won skill, they developed their own form blended with their love of haunting melodies and otherworldly sounds. As PIQSIQ, they perform improvisational looping live, creating a dynamic audience experience that changes with every show. PIQSIQ incorporates their dark and ethereal style into their recordings and have produced three studio albums to date. Inuksuk and Tiffany continue to blend magic with sound to further develop their entrancing style for both national and international audiences.

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Lara Supan - Fleming Artists

Lara started her career in the live music business as a performing artist, then continued on to co-found and launch the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform, RoadNation. She moved on from actively working with RoadNation to co-found a boutique booking agency, Mile One, with music industry veteran Fawn Goodman in 2015. In 2019, she joined forces with Jim Fleming at Fleming Artists and has continued to represent many talented artists for in-person and virtual shows in North America during this unprecedented time in our industry. She is currently Vice President of the agency.

She currently represents many amazing singer-songwriters such as Kelly Bado, Scott Cook, Garnet Rogers, Connie Kaldor, The Accidentals, Carsie Blanton and others. Lara happily resides in Leamington, Ontario with her husband and two wonderful sons.

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