Posted On: Sep. 11, 2020

Panel Announcement:

Developing Truth and Reconciliation and Managing DSPs

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You heard it right folks, there is even more great content at BreakOut West Home Edition this year. We are pleased to announce two more panels that are taking place as part of our first ever digital conference. Discover these great discussions, as well as networking sessions, one-on-one meeting opportunities and more in just a couple of weeks.




Developing Truth and Reconciliation in the Music Industry

Indigenous voices are critical to maintaining a relationship with the land that sustains us, and the art that is being made by Indigenous people today urgently needs to be heard and understood. Even during a pandemic, Indigenous communities demonstrate unparalleled resilience even when disproportionately affected. Our panel of artists and industry identifies how the Truth and Reconciliation Commission call to action has affected their work and practice, and what Indigenous artists are doing to move the needle on cultural change. #landback

This panel is presented in partnership with Folk Alliance International, and the International Indigenous Music Summit.

Alan Greyeyessākihiwē festivalOgichidaa Arts

Jade Harper - Indigenous Music West

Creeasian - Sampler Cafe / Creeasian

ShoShona Kish - Digging Roots

Curtis Running Rabbit-LefthandIndigenous Resilience in Music / Rythm of the People


Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand


Managing and Promoting Your Records through DSPs

Digital Service Providers are quickly becoming the gatekeepers of contemporary music. Music press, distribution, and marketing efforts all need to consider the on-screen experience of music consumption from a few tech platforms. What are the best strategies for making use of these platforms? What are the best practises for working with them to ensure the highest possible reach on those platforms and what services are useful for playlisting and marketing releases on these platforms. Further, what is the distinction between how one promotes music to DSPs and digital radio. Our panel of marketing and music experts get into the weeds of how to find and maximize digital audiences on these platforms.

Mike Lawless - Amazon Music

Kerry Abner - Sony Music

Romel Lherrison - TIDAL

Sara Franczyk - Zyk Marketing


Sara Franczyk