Posted On: Sep 20, 2019

Road Dogs Music Supply opening a Pop-up Music Shop during BreakOut West 2019

Whitehorse is an ideal community for a passion-driven event like BreakOut West, but because it’s such a bustling artistic center, it’s easy to forget that it is a very small city, only 25000 humans. There are delicious restaurants, rustic watering holes, and vibrant community gathering places, but some amenities, the city is just too small to have yet. There are no music stores in town to pick up the bits and pieces that keep the notes ringing.

Fret not (or rather, fret on)! Road Dogs Music Supply is hosting a music supply pop up, October 1 to 12 at Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters, located 21 Waterfront Place in Whitehorse. Artists will be able to pick up strings, picks, sticks, and stands all in one convenient location. BreakOut West artists will get 10% at the pop-up during the festival weekend.

Willow Gamberg.jpgWillow Gamberg

“Road Dogs Music is thrilled to offer a wide selection of music supplies to both the visiting BreakOut West artists and local Yukon musicians.” Proprietor Willow Gamberg tells BreakOut West. “The shop has already received an overwhelming amount of support and patronage from the community, and we can't wait to open our doors in a few weeks and meet you all in person!”