What your online delegate pass includes:

Conference Sessions

Watch and learn from in-demand industry professionals and peers on topical and important subjects from the comfort of your own home. Take in the sessions live as they happen, or at your convenience in our immersive digital event portal.


One-on-one meetings

Select meetings with delegates from around the world who are a fit for your career goals as part of our digital one-on-one speed meeting schedule. Pitch your project and make connections with international delegates, and you don't even need to put on pants.





Q. Will I be able to watch the highlight artists if I register for the virtual/online ticket?

The BreakOut West Virtual experience will not include streaming of all festival showcases. We will update in this space and release new information if this changes in any way. 


Q. What is the difference between the virtual/online and in-person delegate pass?

The virtual online pass is intended for those who are not able to attend the event in person but would like to engage with the BreakOut West development conference and one on one mentorship opportunities. The online package is offered at a reduced rate and is accessed through the online platform Pheedloop. Online participants will be able to access sessions in real time and ask questions of speakers through onsite administrators.  


Q. If I purchase an virtual/online delegate pass, will I have access to the list of delegates attending the in person event? How can I connect with them?

Online delegates will be able to see and communicate with all other online delegate attendees, as well as access the greencopper app if they wish, which will include all onsite delegates. 


Q. Can I change my registration once I purchase one option?

If you purchase on online registration and find that you are able to join in person, or vice versa, we will offer a refund to allow you to purchase the newly intended pass. This is a special offer for the February 2022 event as we recognize the continuing changes to regulations and accessibility. If you wish to inquire about a pass type change please reach out to